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Originally Posted by stilly View Post
LoL. I just reported his item as an assault weapon...

Fight fire with fire bro...

If someone is gonna try to kill your auction then you kill theirs right back.

I got half a mind to go talk **** to the dickhead too but I would rather hover on his items and see if I can find a BS reason to cancel them too... I bet if you find something that is ILLEGAL or PROHIBITED it goes RIGHT to the top of the complaint department... Funny cause the report did not even ask me to type why it was prohibited or illegal like the bucky ball knockoffs I fought against a few months ago.

Finally, if you manage to sell, please stop using Fleabay, you know they are Paypal too and they HATE your right to keep and bear arms? Yeah that might come back at us sometime down the road. I no longer sell through them although I might put a couple of reloading kits up (sadly).

**** Fleabay, **** them in da ear till they bleed...
They do move fast when dealing with illegal items. I saw a guy who was selling a "collectible" pharmacy bottle. It was an antique half gallon sized bottle with the original contents intact. Contents were listed as "Morphia Sulfate aka pure Morphine. I reported it and sent a courtesy e-mail to the seller letting him no that he should turn it in to the local hospital for proper disposal before the DEA knocked in his door.

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