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Originally Posted by RudyCakes View Post
Just in case anyone is interested here is the email info:

"Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because of the following:
You listed an accessory for a firearm that is considered an assault weapon. These items are removed due to the complex and varied regulations governing their sale. Something that is legal in one jurisdiction may be illegal in another. To prevent members from inadvertently violating a firearms law, we have banned listings for all parts and accessories related to assault weapons. If these items are universally compatible, or if they are compatible with other non-assault weapons, you are welcome to relist. Please avoid the mention of any assault weapon models though." - I did that and still got flagged and removed. @Stilly, I'm not "*****ing", just providing information.

"Because of various laws and regulations on the sale of assault weapons and parts and accessories for assault weapons, we don't allow selling these items on eBay.
But you can list accessories that would fit a variety of different weapons, such as scopes, sites, and shoulder straps. If you do sell these items, you can't mention assault weapons in your listing.
Keep in mind that any listing for an item that's described as a part or an accessory for an assault weapon will be removed. Even if an item doesn't attach to an assault weapon, you still can't list it on eBay"

"Dear rudycakes,

This listing has been reported to Ebay's investigation department for sale of prohibited firearm accessories. You must obtain proof of military or law enforcement from Any bidder before entertaining an offer of sale.

- madcroc23" -guy that reported me

"160948890195 - Lot of used AR15 Magazines: 12 USGI + Surefire 60 Model

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because of the following:
Your listing was for a firearm magazine which holds more than 10 rounds. We do not allow the sale of magazines which hold more than 10 rounds due to various state laws and regulations. We also do not allow the listing of assault weapon parts, such as for the AR15, M16, AK47, etc.
We understand that you may not have been aware of this policy. We ask that you please do not relist this item or your account may be suspended.
Magazines with a capacity of 10 rounds or less may be listed. However, the capacity must be stated in the item description, or clearly visible within the images used in the listing. If there are contradicting terms (i.e. 10 rounds or less is stated, but the image shows 15) these listings may also be removed.
eBay prohibits the sale of magazines that accept more than 10 rounds, typically referred to as "high capacity" magazines. These items may not be sold, regardless of how they are described in the listing."
If I were in your position I would simply state the following on my NEXT ad:

For the mags, TAKE THEM APART and take photos. They are NOT magazines, they are rebuild kits that are used or new and they are for .223 caliber and they fit any firearm that accepts standard .223 mags INCLUDING Daewooo DR200, KELTEC Su-16 (.223 hunting rifle) and any other rifle chambered for .223 box mags. (universal mag). Remember, you are dealing with 100% FULL RETARDS. Find some more self-loading firearms that accept AR mags and list them also, Just do not list the Bushmaster, but call it an XM-15 or something or on that list. Every time your auction gets canned go straight back to customer service and be PISSED that they are needlessly cancelling your auctions. It is ashamed that this country had so much potential as a whole, and now it is just pockets of the population here and there that have potential.

I did my relisting about 4 years ago so they may now be at 110% TARD strength which means, that it might be best to go to GB and tell EBAY (with an e-mail) that their BS rules and actions have chased another ebayer away. BTW, Fleabay needs to burn anyways, see if you can track that asshat madcoc23 down and spam the **** out of him for being a little pissant. I would stir up all kinds of trouble for him, ESPECIALLY if he tries to sell stuff.

Fight fire with fire. They sell all kinds of crap on fleabay, it is all about luck and timing...
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