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Originally Posted by LMTluvr View Post
Dollars to doughnuts the madcroc guy that reported youre auction is selling the same or similiar gear. I tried with the pmags and it didnt go well.
I just gave up. My neighbor kept relisting and well, it went worse for him. They locked up his ebay account, locked down his paypal and froze ALL the funds in his paypal. Most of which had nothing to do with ebay or gun related (horse saddles and tack).. He also recieved some form of email alluding to ebay contacting local LE in regards to the items...(pmags, surefire kits and a beta c drum kit)..Theyre based in San Jose, so who wont go anywhere but ebays made their anti views more than obvious.
That's why I don't want to push my luck and post again. There are some listing that have been up for days and are not getting hassled (or they'd have been removed) and they clearly use AR15 and Hi Cap in their description and title. I'm baffled as to why I'm getting removed and they're not.
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