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Originally Posted by joepamjohn View Post
You need your eyes checked. I'm sorry, I would never miss if a babe was shooting next to me. The first thing I do when I shoot is look at the caliber (no pun) of people around me. I don't want to spend my afternoon next to some soldier of fortune wacko, or gansta's doing a gun check for tonight's drive by entertainment. I also look at what guns they are shooting and how they handle them (male or female). There have be more than a few times where I have never fired a shot and left due to the type of people and the way they were handling guns.

For sure I would notice a woman, mainly since you just don't see it too often.

Well I usually go to the benches off to the sides where nobody is at, and I don't go stare at who's shooting, I'm there to shoot my guns not check out the people using them. I don't care who's next to me usually, but thats just me. Also don't really care what there shooting, I just happened to notice the rifle she was using, and she had a hat on and short hair, so it was a bit difficult to tell it was a woman.
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