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I'm a male shooter and I don't treat girls shooters any different then male shooters, Actually I've never treated a girl different then my guys friends. I'm there at the range to shoot my guns. Honestly don't really matter to me who's there. Girls or guys. Girls have been shooting guns for a long time so I don't see why some guys get all excited when a girl goes shooting. I mean I can't seem to get my g/f to go with me, but it doesn't bug me, but I bug her about it haha. Just stating my opinion. I mean who ever is at the range is there to shoot there guns.

An example, I went to the shooting range here in Bako, and there was a girl shooting on the bench next to me, and I liked how her rifle looked, It was a Winchester model 70, just like the one I have, I went to talk to her about it, but I didn't realize until then it was a girl and she asked me if I was surprised or shocked that a girl was shooting and I said no, then she told me, "your a first". I told her "no offense but the rifle caught my attention, didn't even notice your were female" so we talked about how she got the rifle and mine then went back to shooting.
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