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Originally Posted by Dirty dirt View Post
Nate congrats on a public land harvest! How does the copper rounds shoot out the AR? Do you have to re sight the scope when switching between lead and copper or is it pretty close? Thanks
Originally Posted by Hot Holster View Post
That's a lot of work and a lot of walking you guys did, good job.
We def worked for these. We humped about 5 mi total in soft, wet clay, mud with waterlogged boots, packs and soaked that probably added another 30lbs easily. Not to mention the last half was with 60 lb hogs on our backs. We earned each oz of these harvests.

Thanks DD, I have only zeroed and fired Winchester Razorback XT loads outta the AR10 so I dunno how it shoots lead. I'll let you know once I have had a chance. I suspect it would be pretty much the same but maybe some minor adjustments for different loads.
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