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Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
It varies quite a bit. Some people have reported 10 days, others have reported 90. Most seem to fall somewhere in the middle - around 45 days.

They do seem to "prioritize" applications that contain only basic AR style rifles. But even that is hit-or-miss.

Raddlocks are fine, many people have been approved with them. I even recommend them, simply for the possibility (however remote) that their ability to be converted without changing any parts might prove to be good thing. Or it also might never help at all, who knows... but it's only $35, so why not register with it just in case?

I switched one of my guns from a raddlock to standard BB before registering just to try to make it simpler without any hang ups, but maybe I should have just kept it on.

Hopefully court challenges pan out for those who registered.

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