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Thanks PRC. I know that the programs are just for approximations, and you need to work up carefully and test loads incrementally, for a specific gun. Still, it would be nice to have that as an extra tool.

I have read a lot about the signs of overpressure to look for (including the ones you mentioned), but haven't come anywhere near with the loads I've worked up so far, so I haven't seen any of those signs first hand. There was a thread on a forum I read recently that had some pics of cases/primers that exhibited some signs of overpressure. It was a pretty good read, and showed clearly what some signs can look like.

Thanks too for the words of wisdom regarding accuracy not always being at or near max velocities. That is something I've read again and again. Ideally, I would like to play around with working up 175 SMK & 155 Scenar loads with the intention of reaching out to 1K. I'll obviously try to get the MV 's up high enough to get out to 1K while maintaining accuracy and staying in the safety zone well under Max charge. All I need is a little free time and some better weather!
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