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What's up BA Calgunners? Alex here. I would like to again thank Calguns for the best forum of any kind on the net, and one that has led me to build a couple CA-legal AR's, one in 5.56 and one in 308Win. The smell of the love of Freedom is quite strong here.....Knowledge is indeed power.

Anyway, I rode sportbikes for 20+ years, started with a GPZ750 and moved right up to a FI GPZ1100. Been all over the Western US.

Love shooting reactive targets. Tannerite, jugs of water, pumpkins, steel, etc. Kinda spoiled. Only go to ranges to make sure I'm sighted in and fully operational.

I have permanent trigger-finger nerve damage on the pad tip, from touching the barrel of one of my 308 semi-autos after a 100-round mag dump. Quite proud of that, how sad.

Shameless plug: Work HVAC, need a new furnace or ductwork? Send me a PM.

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