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Originally Posted by Ventura_Yak'r View Post
... they attempted and failed to get into your safe?! They got the cheap guns that weren't secured very well, a nice vest w/ AR mags. Now they're thinking, "What's in that big safe hidden in your closet that we couldn't crack?" We know they're brazen and stupid... They'll be back... be prepared for their next visit - Secure the safe, get a dog, more cameras and talk to your neighbors.

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, prepare to die."
agreed, at least set your cam's to alert you via email when no one is home.

get an alarm or at least door/window contacts that will make noise and sound like a real alarm. (paired with ADT sign and window decals purchased off ebay)

The dog works as a deterrent but please don't get one solely for security..its a pet first and the security aspect is a benefit.
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