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The joke regarding shooting ourselves in the foot was in regards to Rick (I am paraphrasing of course) admitting that we had planned to be heard after Richards and even filed a unopposed motion to stay our case pending the Richards decision which was denied. The shot yourself in the foot was essentially a well if you did not want to go on the same day as Alan Gura and Paul Clement you shot yourself in the foot by filing the PI not a statement regarding the merits of the appeal.

I'd like to thank everyone for their hospitality. I was not sure how warm of a reaction the random guys from the Hawaii case would receive. I spoke to a lot of people so please don't consider this a all encompassing list, I had very pleasant conversations with Gray Peterson, Erik Royce and while briefer as I did not want to hog his time Alan Gura. Mr. Gura's amicable and humble demeanor was a stark contrast to another attorney's behavior that day (not towards me so not my story to tell) I also caught up with the named plaintiff in Richards who I have not seen in person since college. While I have read negative comments posted regarding our arguments, many of them have been directed towards the City attorney as towards my partner which leads me to believe the posters are not familiar with the case and believe it is just a Hawaii clone of the California cases. It is not and we have a plan which will allow us to fully vindicate our client's rights without interfering with Mr. Gura's great work. Anyway, I had a great time both at my first 9th circuit appearance and at lunch. From were I stand believe we accomplished everything we needed to achieve our ultimate goal
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