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Originally Posted by souljahboi View Post
I've seen some pics of these reticles and curious how they work as compared to the mildot or another graduated sites (like Nikon's BDC)?

They seem a bit simplstic and am curious why anyone would use them?
Weaver has been around since the 1920s so I think they'll be ok . Duplex style reticles from Leupold, Nikon, Weaver, Burris, and every other manufacturer are the most popular style for hunters because they are very quick on target yet capable of very fine target work. Using them for hunting is simple if you are using a reasonably flat shooting round like a 30-06 and zero at 100 or even 150yds you'll still be plenty close enough to put deer sized dinner on the table from 200yds. If zero at 200yds you'll still be in the kill zone out to 300 with just a couple of inches of holdover. It just requires a bit of common sense.

BDC reticles are a bit of a crutch but that's not a bad thing. With most scopes don't expect them to be useful at other than full magnification and the marks are strictly reference points for hunters. You need to print out ballistic charts for your scope and favorite round to see what ranges those reference points are accurate points of aim. Nikon has a calculator on their.

BTW I own both styles from multiple manufacturers.
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