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I re-read your OP and it seems to me that you didn't say anything odd according to what I'm saying, although "remorse" is not the word I would have chosen but then we are all different.

It sounds to me like that shrink has a few issues of her own. GO FIGURE

I think there are good shrinks out there, but I think there are some pretty lousy ones as well. If anyone doubts this look at the children of shrinks. Some of them are pretty balanced, some of them are pretty screwed up.

Oh look here's one:

It could be she's just uncomfortable in front of a camera or she's got some strange **** going on upstairs

Or maybe she's got some weird facial muscle di-di-di-di-sorder.

Originally Posted by coyote43g View Post
Thanks for the input guys.

Actually the MMPI was not the problem. The person that interviewed me said that I did posses a lot of qualities that fits a police officer. It had something to do with the death of my friend.

I am definitely getting a second opinion on this. I just didn't like the fact that the original person who interviewed me said that my medical record stated that I needed help, even though there aren't any kind of mental help recommendations on my records. Then to make matters worse, during my second interview, the person evaluating me didn't seem to be interested in what I had to say. She was looking at her screen and asking, "how do you feel about that?", "what did you mean by that". I felt like I was on trial and she was leading me to answer a certain way and I chose not to let her do that.
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