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Originally Posted by my1871colt45 View Post
I have a brahma B-40. I really like it and LOVE the 1 1/2" bolts in the door (bigger than most safes). I personally dont trust electronics (too many things can happen to or be done to them) so I went with the manual dial lock. One thing that is good or bad about it (depending on how you look at it) is the outside external door hinges, they allow the door to be opened a full 180 degrees which is really nice, but I think internal hinges are much more secure.
Since i am worried more about fires than break ins i am ok with it esp the 1200 degree for 60 min. rating (better than most safes i looked at). Either way they are good safes for the money and all depends on your preferances and security needs.
I recently read an article that discussed internal vs external hinges... suggested that external is actually more secure because typically hack-job burglars will try to access through the hinges where with the internal type they will attack the lock itself (theory is it will take longer to get through he hinges than the lock)... basically said the internal hinges are more of a marketing thing boasting better security.

I'm no expert, but it makes sense to me
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