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If the seller has been around for a while and stands behind their products then thats a promising start. Do they sell and service just safes or is this some sporting goods store or something? Will they deliver/install in you house? Liberty charges about $250-local for this service and its well worth it.
I personally like a dial but others like the keypad. I would get an S&G electronic keypad if you go that way. I've read the Leguard ones are ify. Seems like even the best keypad locks often need to be replaced every 3-5 years anyways. The biometrics look cool but I'm not convinced they have that technology perfected at the consumer product level yet. Why risk it? Whats a "rechargeable dehumidifier"? If its one of those remington plug-in boxes you can get them on Amazon or any gunshow for about $10. Lighting is nice to have and some safes have a power outlet wired in them. Those are worthy options. If you've got power then you could plug in a Golden Rod. Then you don't need the "dehumidifier".
The main thing that I would be concerned about would be the warranty and how reliable the linkage is for all those 1 1\2 locking bolts. If they have one with the guts expose then you could see for yourself if it looks well put together or not.
Good luck.
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