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Originally Posted by Knifemaker View Post
I was tryin to put together a simple bullet points list of what needs to be done without all the extra stuff in the first post. You know just an easy check off sheet for everyone to go by, without all the legaleezed confusion. I guess thats a little too hard for you to see though....Thanks again for nothing, except for stating the obvious which was not quite what we were looking for.
I think that attitude is uncalled for towards someone that was trying to be helpful. If this is something that you are interested in doing, you should be prepared to spend hours researching this stuff for yourself. Do not take anyone else’s word for it unless it is a lawyer that you have paid to do the research for you that will walk you through step by step what all of the possible implications are. You are dealing with a very complex subject here and the stakes are very high if you mess up.
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