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Originally Posted by CaliAR View Post
Does anyone know any resource info on building reactive targets. Im a welder by trade and I want to build Dueling tree for .223. I need some close up pics or drawing to see how the spring mechenism works. Or any other useful info I need. I already make swinging targets. But really want a dueling tree capable of .223.

Im a weldor too (welder is the be nit picky lol)

I would suggest that the impact plates be AT LEAST 3/4" thick, or 2 layers of 1/2" welded together.

A .223 SS109 round should have no trouble passing thru 1/2" mild steel at ranges of 100yds or less....

I personally like to make "swingers" where the bottom plate is 1" thick steel (layered or otherwise) and about 12x12" and the top plate is 1/2" thick and about 6"x6". The top plate is a "no shoot" for rifles, I use it for pistols up close.

I keep it simple,

A) Usually something like 1x1 or 1x2 square stock, 1/8" to 1/4" wall thickness... Don't want it TOO heavy to deal with, but you DO want it solid

B) I like to use a length of allthread and double nuts w/washers along with tubing to make the "pivot" on the spinners... You can also break it down for easier setup/transport in this fashion, all it takes is a crescent wrench or 2.

C) 12x12 plate (or however big you the drawing they are closer to 8x8)

D) 6x6 plate

As you can see, it can be super simple. I like to weld the legs to old diesel truck brake drums, or alternately use legs embedded in a bucket of concrete...

Good luck.


P.S> I can build these for other Calgunners if they are willing to supply/buy the material.... PM for info.
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