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Originally Posted by ChrisO View Post
Whats up with the yellow hair... and that girl has a gun in her face with her finger on the trigger that is REALLY smart.
There is a fine line between something shot for art and safety you are correct it is technically a violation of one of the cardinal rules of weapon safety..."Keep your finger outside the trigger guard indexed along the receiver until aimed in on target and the decision to shoot has been made. At the same time it was a pose for a photograph and the weapon never covered anyone it was also checked multiple times to verify it was clear with two person integrity and no live ammo was present to ensure safety.

I can understand being a trigger nazi but at the same time you might as well say keep your foot off the accelerator. Everything in moderation I am a big proponent of weapon safety but i am also big on getting a shoot that people can enjoy and appreciate and I will do that in a safe manner.

I can understand trying to promote weapon safety but you also must use a little common sense and understand that I am EXTREMELY Safe in what I do and when weapons are used for photo shoots they are used in a state that I know they are safe. I may allow a model to put her finger inside the trigger guard on the trigger to achieve a look but regardless of prospective the muzzle never covers anything but a safe direction.

Lastly on the picture you are complaining about with the glock the weapon was cleared then the stricker released with the weapon in a safe direction. Just for added protection even though the weapon was clear and safe. Weapon safety is paramount I agree however you have to understand these arent 'candid' pictures these are all staged and posed to achieve a look.

Perhapse if you would like I should do a photoshoot with pictures portraying the 4 weapon safety rules. I am sure that would be appreciated here.

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