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Originally Posted by katokat View Post
I don't agree. The recoil and feel in your hands are totally different, and you need to practice with what you are going to use. I'm normally pretty good with my 9mm M&P, but not after shooting a .22 for awhile. Takes a few mags to get back into the rhythm. If you're just practicing sight alignment, fine, but the rest is just not comparable and won't improve your shooting when it counts. Better to "waste" the money on the centerfire ammo.
You're right, all of that practice with sight alignment, trigger control, manipulation of controls, drawing. target acqusition, positions, breathing, etc.(some of those obviously only apply if your .22lr is similar to your centerfire) at <$20 for a box of 500 rounds is a waste

The only problem is with followup shots, and not everyone is looking to shoot defensively, and some people also use rifles.

.22lr trigger time > no centerfire trigger time. Obviously it's better to train with what you'd actually use in a defensive situation all the time, but if it came down to it I'd rather rely on someone who puts 2,000 rounds a year of .22 down range in addition to their centerfire shooting, instead of someone who goes to the range twice a year with maybe 4-5 boxes of 9mm or 5.56. Or for that matter someone who doesn't understand NPOA, or simply shooting a rifle without resting it on a bench.

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