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Originally Posted by Rapid Cool View Post
Wow, you last two guys are the perfect example- They make videos laughing at us, and when someone like me has to come along and point out the obvious, you get upset and defend the joke being played on you. THAT is the problem with California s gun owners, you support the joke on us instead of stopping it. Now you know why we're losing our gun rights in this state- Some of our member's priorities are messed up.
They are making fun of CA gun laws, not the gun owners. In reality as a State CA is a lost cause for gun rights regardless of how the gun owners vote due to Democratic super majority. I am actually surprised that even more restrictive gun laws are not getting passed. With the next Governor I expect to see a ban on all semi-automatic weapons (or classify them as assault weapons) among other measures. With the 9th court of appeals being totally liberal it does not even matter if the new laws are constitutional as the laws would be in effect for a number of years even if the Supreme Court decides to hear it.
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