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Originally Posted by Excelsior View Post
First, I admire your drive to do something. Just please be very careful and do your homework. Some of the people popping-off on this thread about: not taking part unless they can CCW, that taking part without CCWing is asking for trouble, about wearing empty holsters, etc. etc. give me grave concern that such an event might well do more harm than good. Just look at your poster. As designed it will downright scare and antagonize people. Whoever designed it just doesn't understand public relations.

In any event good luck to you all and godspeed.
Ha actually I designed it. I was messing around with ideas, and the group liked it. Yes I get the whole gun thing... Then again I am not trying to cater to folks who would be afraid of that type of symbol anyways. This isn't about attracting Hopolops it is about attracting people of the gun. As far as CCW it is like I said, if it is legal and you have a permit fine, you are CCW so I won't even know it is there right???
The empty holster thing.. That is a non aggressive symbol of disarmament. People in other states can carry, but why can't we? We aren't waving rifles in the air, or anything crazy. It is a legal and personal choice.
We are attempting to get more guest speakers. We want to put intelligent thought into this rally. This isn't going to be a bunch of sound byte slogans being shouted for four hours. I emailed CalGuns to see if any of them may wish to speak. Yes I know it is a Saturday, but any news coverage is news coverage. It is a start and I personally want the message to be delivered properly to the people. Not just us, but to California citizens in general.

@ Gene, yes I know you can shoot yourself in the foot.
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