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It's not possible to make the hole any longer as the hole's length is limited by the width of the frame. The only thing you can do is make the hole larger - which will then eliminate any "tightness" that might hold the pin in place (at least on that side).

Since you followed the instructions (by drilling each hole individually), it's pretty clear that you have an out-of-spec jig. At this point, it's time to call the folks at Polymer80 and tell them of your discovery. I feel pretty certain that they're going to want to get a look at your jig's problem - since the holes are clearly not positioned opposite each other as they were intended to be.

In any event, you need to call the Polymer80 folks since we (us forum members) can say what we think all day long, but a new frame is all that's going to fix that problem. The only alternative is to see if it works the way it is, but I suspect the trigger will probably bind or be far less than ideal if it actually runs.
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