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My congratulations to the Calguns Foundation and Jason Davis for a job well done. Today the reality is that our rights are blatantly infringed by misguided and even not so misguided legislators.

They don't think twice about the burdens they place on citizens, and the ramifications in the form of abuse that citizens must bear because of rogues who are more than willing to distort already bad laws for the worse. It's like complete amateur hour at LA County, and likely worse than that in this case, to our detriment.

The actions by these deputy district attorneys and the arresting officers who should know better are contemptible. They reflect poorly on the good people who actually serve the public.

Most would not believe it were it not for this post. Situations like this make you wonder how these public servants have made it so far. To think that we have such honest and caring people serving at the tax payers expense is very disturbing.

Still, the future is very bright. It's like the stars are aligning for gun owners in California.

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