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Originally Posted by voiceofreason View Post
Not of fan of Lynn Thompson as a person.

His knives are good though and the money is appreciated.

We can't be picky about our allies in this fight.
You know part of you want's to like a one stop shop where you can gear up to be a viking ninja and hurl objects at slabs of meat and blocks of concrete. Come on now, don't hold it inside, let it out.

Originally Posted by Cali-Shooter View Post
That does it, I'm buying a couple more of their Spec Ops style shovels.
Group buy, ahaahahaha? Special edition calguns blue shovel, proceeds to NRA?

Originally Posted by stix213 View Post
I already EDC a cold steel. Glad they did this, but I wish they would move some of their Taiwan manufacturing here to the USA.
^^^ True that but... it wouldn't keep 'em in the same price point. Trade offs

Originally Posted by Dooligan View Post
Guess my future knife purchases are going to be Cold Steel...time to pony up Benchmade!
Whoa, whoa, whoa here! Hold on a minute, would ya? Did you just say something 'bout Benchmade? ...wait, you're right, they should pony up too! Maybe they don't feel it as bad, not being in California, especially this year.

Originally Posted by morfeeis View Post
i had forgotten i owned two of their knives, i should buy another.....
I'm trying to remember what all I've had of theirs and aside from shovels and hawks, I think I've only ever had a tiny little fixed blade . Used to be called "ReadyEdge".
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