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I have a RIA tactical with rail and night sights for about a year, with 1700+ rounds through it. It can use a stronger recoil spring and a better trigger.

Feed ramp polished, but still has feeding problems on the first round on top of most mags with round nose ammo. A stronger recoil spring helps it out.

The trigger had a lot of pre-travel and creep. Polished out the creep is mostly gone, but still noticeable. I'm definitely considering a new drop-in trigger, hammer and sear for it.

Extractor adjusted properly, but it ejects casings erratically. An upgrade there might be helpful. (A loose fitting firing pin stop contributed to the erratic ejections)

Quality control is hit or miss on these guns. Mine had a few other issues that needed taken care of. Probably worse than what you might expect for even an entry level 1911.
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