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By "forgiving" i simply meant some of the tolerances in the machining, such as the marriage between the frame and the grip safety which seemed to be a little looser than the Kimbers and SA's i handled, and the grooves cut on the slide that when viewed from the back resemble a set of "stairs", this section seemed kind of "sloppy" in how they machined it. Not a perfectly machined matched pairing is all. I didnt notice anything rattling or having too much excessive play (though the grip safety seemed to be a bit more sloppy than the other higher end models, but nothing id consider to be problematic) just little stuff about the machining that made you say "so this is why they dont share the same price tags as the big boys" type stuff. Im perfectly comfortable with it. Havent shot it yet, but if its reliable I wouldnt care less about any of the other stuff. Looks great, felt great, and if it works great ill be happy
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