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Cali Condor.

Seen one twice, positive ID.

@ Pinnacles


@ Mogan Territory EBRPD

I had a glance at what I thought was going to be hawk or turkey vulture in thermal glide...but damn that is a massive bird. It is stunningly large, with haunting white markings, as if an under-wing were present.

I'm fine with using non-lead in their ranges (which are huge-can be over 1 hundred miles). They are most easily seen at Pinnacles because of the nesting habitat, but they go far and wide from there. As I understand, the legal approach is that they ban lead en toto with out ammo specific qualifications. I think one could argue for ammo specific exceptions on the basis of ballistics (say all .30 caliber and the like could be used with lead as it is likely to go through), but since it is easier for those writing or enforcing the law to just ban lead while hunting in these areas entirely, they won't care to listen. Non-lead is available, though expensive--but not excessive so for hunting use.

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