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On 1/12 when I was called to set up my 1/19 appointment I was told that I needed to bring:

Proof of Residency - CDL
Weapons Receipts
Check or Cash for $125

So on 1/19 when I arrived I had all of that information. At the end of the whole appointment process I was not asked for the weapons receipts but since they had previously asked me to bring them in and I had brought them with me I asked if they were still going to need them (thinking that maybe they had forgotten and that I wouldn't want to have to come back later and bring them in again, etc.). So if I had NOT asked that then I would not have had that info photocopied.

Is there some legal jeopardy I have placed myself in by having relinquished this information when I did not have to do so? They already have the weapon SN's from the application. What harm is there in also knowing when and where I purchased the weapons, and for how much?

Nevertheless, I guess it does irk me that the process seems to vary from one person to the next, from day to day, and that I got "caught" by one of those "variances". I guess it'll get "cleaned up" at some point.

It is what it is.
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