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Thumbs up I now have an appointment!

Many thanks to all who provided valuable, sobering advice and encouragement about being patient and rolling with the flow of things. I called the EDSO Records Office today to ask for an (initial) appointment and was later contacted back by the Officer who originally took my application on 1/5. She was very polite and helpful; I am sure they are working very hard over there to effect the changes quickly and yet keep the process movng ... so a big thank-you to those folks at the SO. And I am now slated for an appointment next week. This is very exciting folks!

Born and raised a Californian I was CCW licensed back some time ago when I had to move to Oregon for a short time for work, and this whole process here now seems a lot closer to the "shall issue" policy Oregon had at that time. After moving back to California I have always been troubled by having had to relinquish that right. But now it seems as if, yes here in California, the acknowledgement and honoring of this same right is about to take place. Very exciting indeed!

So yes, many many thanks to Gray Peterson, Brandon Combs (wildhawker), Socom16Fan, ccwtrainer, and I am sure others, for answering questions and offering assistance, and for their devotion to this cause. Thanky-you gentlemen! And also a heart-felt thank-you to Sheriff D'Agostini as well for being a true stand-up guy.

Good luck to everyone, and be and stay safe.
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