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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
Assuming ElDo is now "friendly", probably not, but I'm curious about this odd system of acceptance. I hope you kept a copy for your records and took copious notes with persons/times/etc.
EDSO requires a quick appointment to go over your application with you prior to "submittal". Is essentially a 15 minute review or help filling the application out so there are no mistakes.

Myself and several folks have seen this process and it has gone very smoothly and the deputies are polite and pleasant. The process has changed ALOT. Including most importantly "personal protection" being the only good cause required.

Keep in mind the new Sheriff is just that...brand new. Sheriff D'agostini will need time to rettrain his staff in cases where they are not following the new and streamlined procedures. This SO office has been doing things one way...the wrong way for a long time.

Get down to the records office and ask for an interview. Fill out the standard CAL DOJ CCW application appropriately so when you get your interview you are just reviewing it. No questions have been asked during this interview regardng cause, background, need, etc...they only seem to be making sure it is filled out accurately so it doesnt get kicked back. This is very fast and polite.

Who knows, in many cases, after this, you may not be required to even get interviewed...
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Also, don't forget, bring a slower friend.
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i was hoping for a 1911. very disappointing. it's like you are getting ready to have a threesome with jessica alba and scarlett johansen and finding out they're both dudes...
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