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Hi, P345,

Your ten-year-old is welcome, if you tell me that he will be well-behaved, polite, and responsible. (ten years age is generally considered a 'minimum'.....I'd waive that for a really exceptional 8 or 9 year old young person, but 10 is a Club policy item for the juniors programme.)

As a legal technicality which I really must follow, I dare not allow him to fire any handguns at the range (yes, I know, laws like that are 'bravo-sierra', but such is the harsh reality of living in a police-state), and he may fire a rifle only under your direct supervision.

That said, we'll have some 'shooting gallery' type targets so he can have a good time doing some 'amusement plinking' with an old Winchester pump 22, or try some serious target practice with a light target grade 22, as he might prefer.


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