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Originally Posted by MarioS View Post
This sounds like a great event, thanks for putting it on.

I may come out next time to finally get out and meet some more local Calgunners, and I may bring the lady with me if she can make it. I've taken her shooting a couple times and she seems to like it. I'm a lucky man.
You should come out even if your gf decides to stay home.

Originally Posted by diginit View Post
You're right, You are a lucky man.
It was nice to finally meet you, Carla. I loved the police 12 Ga. you let me shoot. I'm really glad I went, dispite the pouring rain. The lack of a nightime crowd put a much more personal touch to the shoot. Glad this is working out for you and your sister.
I just got a couple of 22 cal. pistols I may bring next time. But if someone brings a pie, I think I will eat it before it gets shot up....At least part of it, When no one's looking. So they had better either hide it or bring 2.
Hey James, sorry I was not able to make it out last time. I will try to make it out to January's meet there. See you around,

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