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Originally Posted by diginit View Post
We didn't get to do the pie thing. But I hate to waste good food anyways. Especially pie. Can we just shoot leftovers? There were only 3 shooters there. Personally, I had a great time. Meeting the people and checking out the old 22's and shotguns they had there. I wish they were in my collection.
I know. I'm looking around for an old Winchester Target 69A. Man, I want one!

Originally Posted by diginit View Post
The buckshot and 3", #4 Magnum loads tons were of fun, Blossy took out the center of the target with every shot from my 12 Ga. and was a great shot with the 22 mag and the 1911. A 1st timer too! Byron was a good shot too. I think he enjoyed it. These 2 newbies were impressive. Both showed proper etiquette and Hit the black.
I'm wondering if it would be as much fun with more people or not. Guess I'll find out next time.
If Blossy is who I think she is, she is a VERY IMPRESSIVE shot. The last time, she blew me away with her shooting prowess with the .22 rifle. We had a good array of folks last time, and it's a lot of fun teaching new shooters. New shooters become seasoned shooter very quickly. I think it's great when they start eye-ballin' your hardware and start asking "Where can I get one of those?"
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