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Originally Posted by djandj View Post
See - this is why I don't do long range shooting. It's really more math than anything else. (I hate math).

Why can't we design a self adjusting scope with a built in range finder. So when I put the cross hairs on a target at 50 yards it adjusts to compensate and when I put them on a target at 100 and readjusts.

My $2.00 calculator can do scientific calculations, but my $1,000.00 scope needs a $2.00 calculator to hit anything (lol)
It's some easy math. Once you understand the concepts, see it explained a few different ways, and use it in practice a few times it becomes pretty simple.

Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
I'm just trying to explain things in plainer language than some of the books I have read.
Nice work. How about expanding the zeroing section to include alternate methods. Like zeroing for point blank range, or zeroing the top stadia line at 100 with a mildot reticle.

Originally Posted by Mark94066 View Post
What do you see as the value of sighting in at or very near the MPBR?
Maximum point blank range will be defined as a cartridges ability to hit an X sized target with a center hold out to X distance. Lets take a 243 as an example with a 70gr Sierra Matchking doing 3100 fps. Point blank range on an 8" target is 320 yards, zero should be set to 275 yards. Bullet path never goes 4" above, or below, your line of sight. For an 18" target it would be 432 yards, zero should be set at 370 yards.

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