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I would head out, call the family while on the road, and go to a store that has a .50cal rifle and scope I have been fondling for awhile now. Now I have a reason so I pick it up as well as all the 50 ammo and reloading paraphernalia for it. Next stop is the bank to withdrawal some $$$ from savings. Then hit the RV store and pickup a tow behind camper and swing by COSTCO and BJ's.

Mamma would also visit the bank as well to get some $$$, then, COSTCO and BJ''s. Then swing buy a gun shop near her to pick up any 50 ammo in stock and maybe some additional reloading supplies for the 50.

If nothing happens, the trailer gets returned and I get to play with the 50. The COSTCO and BJ's supplies were extras as we have plenty of preps already. These new adds would either just go in the pantry and storage or be donated, depending.

However, I do like the SonofaWWIIDI's idea of making sure to get some really good cuts of meat and the fixings and have some really good meals for the next few days.

At some point we would make the call to head out. I dont know what that would be, but we would be ready for it.

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