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Hello Randall. Thank you sir! I know of no other such place where, and I'm only halfway through reading, such knowledge is compiled in a digestible, succinct manner. I have a better command of the English language than most people, nicely done sir.

You have commented and helped me by explaining these type of things on other threads I've posted here on CG. Please know that your taking the time to write this all out is greatly appreciated. I've done a lot of reading over the last year and a half as I dove into LR Shooting. There is a lot to learn. It is a lot of knowledge to absorb and synthesize into real understanding.

I came to my profession late in life. I always made a point of talking to the senior guys who were my age. But to someone who has been into, anything really, for a very long time, some of this is like breathing. You do it without even thinking about it. Having to explain it is actually frustrating. It slows down the conversation for you.

It takes a certain sort of ordered mind to 'a' take the time to organize this data and 'b' the time and the willingness to do so. Despite the fact that I have learned a lot in the last eighteen months, I am still going to PM you about one specific question please. Still learning here.

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