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922(r), the ATF "barrel ban", NFA 1968, it was all about "international" arms control.

It's all these screwed up laws that make foriegn companies setup a shop in the U.S. to manufacture thier arms here, cause they can't import them. We're also going to see stricter controls on the big toys and fun stuff. They'll probably make it even harder if not impossible to buy foreign surplus, from parts and uniforms to tanks.
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Are there any times when you don't have a loaded firearm within reach?
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I support violence against communists.
The United States once fought and killed communists abroad. Domestically, persons suspect of being a communist faced interrogation, juries, and having their careers and lives destroyed.

Today, they walk among us. They’re on the television, they write for the newspapers, they have infiltrated the schools, the political system, and law enforcement. They call themselves Liberals.
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