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Originally Posted by cheezypanda321 View Post
Has anyone purchased the Performance Enhancement System from CWAccessories? Got the guide rod and spring but before I buy the PE kit, wanted to get some feedback.
I also lightly buff the rails with 400 grit sandpaper to make sure the slide is SMOOTH. Will be going to the range shortly.
I would pass on the precision bushing and recoil spring plug. The bushing really shouldn't do anything for accuracy. It's a blowback design, the barrel is anchored at 3 points - a screw, a pin under the slide lock lever and the lever itself. You could drive a truck through the gap on my bushing to barrel fit on my gun. The bushing in this case appears to only function as the containment plate for the recoil spring plug.

Now, for reliability of the breakage of those two parts, maybe that's a reason to get them. I've got the recoil rod, spring and magazine base plates from CW, but I haven't felt the need for a super accurate bushing. You might get something far cheaper from other sources. The recoil spring plug is unique to the GSG, so if breakage is a fear, send the bucks to CW or possibly order another stock one from GSG.
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