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Originally Posted by BigJ View Post
jake, I don't know if it will help but here's my M44 build:

That's the Brass Stacker mount, moved rearward and cut down. That puts the HiLux exactly where I like it. The rear pad is a limbsaver, the cheek rest is a Fulton Armory, the bent handle is the original bolt cut and welded, and the pull ring is welded on as well.

Some might say I bubba'd it. I say its become my favorite rifle to shoot. And I own or have access to rifles 10-20x the cost of this one.

On and as for accuracy? I guess I got lucky. This is a 2MOA gun with milsurp ammo.

Hope that helps give you some thoughts or confirm for ya your on the right track with your ideas!
I like where your rifles at, about what I want to do. I wouldn't say it was bubba'd at all. Glad to hear that you like it, and that its shooting better than 6 MOA or whatever the other guy said. That brasstack is very similar to the Jmeck, the only thing the Jmeck has going for it is that I can use standard eye relief scopes.
This guy (who I think is a member here?) Gave a good 2 year update on his mosin and Jmeck mount/scope.
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