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Brass Stacker link (can be bought from Amazon too):

As for low(ish) cost LER scopes, I've had great luck with this one:

6mm... you are the expert here, and I don't mean to step on any toes, but arguments like yours drive me nuts. Monetary value matters to some folks, and not even a little bit to others. What a gun may be worth in the collector's market says nothing about how those not concerned with such things may, or may not enjoy, their rifle.

It doesn't matter how much its worth. It doesn't matter how much its going to appreciate. Maybe the OP doesn't want to drill into it because that's not the way it came? That should be reason enough in my book. Values need not even enter the discussion.

I know what you were saying, and I get your point. I just think there are better ways to make it.
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