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Default SIG 716 - continued

So the saga continues, as expected really and I for better or worse decided to play with the system just to see what happens.

A week or so after submitting the photos of the barrel showing the caliber stamp since the lower is not marked as "multi-caliber" I just got the kick back as incomplete and a request to update my application to reflect the caliber on the barrel. I opted to instead ask why and explain that a barrel or an upper are not defined as a firearm and that the lower, the actual firearm is multi caliber therefore submitting an application for the 716 as a .308 would be incorrect.

I have zero doubt this will get kicked back but I am curious to see their explanation. It is fairly meaningless but on the off chance some day in the future someone looks at my Sig and my paperwork and wants to make a case that it is not legal with a different upper it could be problematical.
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