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Originally Posted by solidfreshdope View Post
The only back and forth I had was for my 80% with FMBUS serial they wanted me to add “MAKE: First Name Last Name” into the comments.
Crazy that it took so long then. The wait times seem very random - their process is most definitely not "first come, first served" as they have claimed it to be. 3 months is I think the longest wait I've heard of so far. Some other recent applicants got theirs as fast as 3 weeks, even including some clarification requests. It seems to me that the staff are presented with a list of pending applications, and they just cherrypick which ones they feel like doing when.

On that note...

It's possible (with 10 weeks left now) that we've passed the point where most people who submit apps that include anything besides vanilla AR's will get their letters before the deadline.

Which is why I'll reiterate my suggestions, for any lurkers reading this who are still procrastinating:
  1. If you need DOJ serials for any 80% builds, request them NOW. Ideally, you should have requested them a month or longer ago. Do not delay on this any further, you may not get them until after June 30th!
  2. While you wait for those, register your other firearms so you can be sure at least those get in before the deadline:
    • If you have any "vanilla" AR's that are easy/simple for DOJ to process, lump those (and only those) together into one app, and submit it now (for a $15 fee).
    • If you have anything besides "vanilla" AR's, lump those together on a separate app (for an additional $15 fee), and also submit that now. Being in a separate app will allow your "vanilla" AR's to be processed without delay, while DOJ figures out how to process these more "complicated" applications.
  3. When you get your DOJ serials (if you needed/requested any), engrave the numbers ASAP and then submit yet another, additional application for those (for yet another $15 fee.)

Yes, it sucks paying the extortion fee 2 or 3 times instead of just once... consider that the cost of putting it off for too long. To me, it's worth the additional fees to ensure that at least some of the firearms I intend to register get done before the deadline.

I'm sure there are still people out there who haven't yet requested serial number that they need for 80% builds, and are thinking about waiting until they get those before registering all of their firearms together. That would be a very, very risky plan, in my opinion.

If you're waiting to see the outcome of the pending court cases involving Assault Weapons - don't. It's highly unlikely that we'll see any action with those before the deadline.

A final note:

After you submit an application, check your email inbox and spam folder regularly - DOJ will email you if they need any further info or clarification from you, and they will NOT process your app until you reply, they will NOT send you the email twice, and they WILL cancel your app entirely if you do not respond within 30 days.
2019 CA Legislation Quick-Reference & Statuses

Don't panic. As of 11/21/2018, only around 40% of BBRAW applicants have received their letter. DOJ is still actively processing them... slowly. In the meantime:

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