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As someone who's recently gotten back into this hobby , it's incredibly hard to accept today's ammo prices. 12 yrs ago, 9mm cost me $65 shipped for 500 rounds. WWB 9mm was sold for under $7/box at Walmart. Turners used to sell Wolf 7.62x39 for $1.49/box, and .223 for $1.99/box. I never liked Wolf because it was so dirty and gummy, so seeing today's prices for it was just mind-blowing.

Ammo manufacturers are doing what the oil guys have been doing for a long time. Why ramp up production when your product is high demand/high value, and you're already making more money than ever with the same raw materials, machinery, and workforce? They'd actually be undercutting themselves if they increased production.

What I'd like to know is what happened to all the imported surplus ammo? Wolf seems to be raking in the dough right now, but where'd all the other offerings go?
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