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Originally Posted by RRC View Post
welcome 007

Im in Sacratomato as well,

What dealer did you use?

Been looking around for the CZ75 9mm in town. everyone is out of stock. Not too surprised, I finding out there's a crazy run on just about everything 9mm.

Glad to see a fellow NorCal member join CalGuns
I'm amazed how many members there are in Sac!
You know, someone else PMed me about what dealer I went with also. I actually looked up a list of CZ dealers within an hour on CZ-USA. There were two that were willing to to place a back order for me. River City Guns on Fruitridge & 24th and Barnwood Arms in Ripon. Both require a down payment and the prices were within $25 of each other so no big deal there. River City said they already had a few people in line ahead of me for an SP-01 and Barnwood said my name would be on the first one in the door so I went with Barnwood even though it was about an hour drive for me from down here in Elk Grove. Not sure if River City has anyone in line for a regular 75B if that's what you're looking for though.
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