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Originally Posted by SRedmon View Post
Yes, it is true! we are selling these below cost (because the cost is way to high). In the current market similar lowers are retailing for less than what our cost was. It may be a violation of their MAP policy, but many CLEARANCE sales are. Franklin may have not discontinued this item, but we have.

We decided not to do business with Franklin ever again long ago. We joined them on their venture to expand their business by helping to fund their machine to build these lowers. In the end, they tried to screw us!

BTW... we are no where near bankruptcy. We are currently looking to open 2 more stores in the near future (so be on the look out for those).

I wish you had $70,000 to buy these back from us too! Maybe you're closer to bankruptcy than we are???
Scott, we have never tried to screw you. We delivered the product you ordered as fast as humanly possible. Yet several months ago, we noticed that you started to discount Libertas lowers below MAP. We didn’t say anything at first, but now you have the gumption to sell the lowers below what it actually costs us to make them and claim that we are screwing you?!

Let’s face it, you bought more product than you could handle, and now you are trying to dump them on the market for operating cash. (…not a good long term business model, BTW.) If it wasn’t for the fact that you are selling other California brands well below cost, I would think that this was a divisive move on your part to attack our brand. It is ridiculous that you didn’t bother contacting us earlier to see if we would buy them back. To that end, how many lowers do you have left? At that price, I might be able to work something out in the near future.

Lastly, some may call this mud slinging, but if your neighbor tries to bastardize your name, you’d be a fool not to say something.

Originally Posted by Impatient1 View Post
Must be something to be said if reputable companies such as Turners and Ammo Bros both are choosing not to carry a certain brand
Not true. Ammo Bros is the only company we have ceased to do business with. …again for blatant MAP violations.
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