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I've asked the question of both depts that I've had a LTC with. Should I or shouldn't I advise an officer during official contact? Some LTC require notifying but these agencies doesn't. First dept official said not unless my CCW was going to be seen during my contact with the officer. The second dept said yes to always advise the officer.

Of all the ways to respond "yes" I think just saying yes is a good way to get a gun screwed into your ear. Say "I'm on my way to the range and have my gun/guns locked in the *blank* that's in the *blank*". I'm not a LEO but if one of my patients was in the back after a vehicle accident and said "I have a gun" by the time they finished the word gun they'd be the only person left in the back of my rig, moving or not. You tell me you have your CCW on your person then I'll most likely "say ok let's see about getting that secured."

I like the approach to a traffic stop of handing the officer your DL and LTC together and keeping my hands on the steering wheel and wait for them to make the next move. It's not my place to reinvent the legal system on the street at 11:30 at night. I'm trying to keep the situation as calm and safe as I can.
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