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Default Kel-Tec KSG CA Legal?

I was looking at a post and saw a picture of the Kel-Tec KSG and I really want one now. Their website says they'll be available at the end of this year but it says that it has 2 magazine tubes each capable of holding 7 rounds (so 14). I was wondering if this would be CA legal because of the 10 round limilt. The way they have it designed you can only shoot using one tube at a time so would it be CA legal since it's kind of like having two less than ten round magazines?

Note: It meets the 18" (18.5") barrel and 26" (26.1") OAL and is a pump action...

I was also looking at the CalGuns SG Flow Chart and it doesn't mention holding more than ten, or having a tube that holds more than ten. I saw these half sized shotgun shells they sell for the mini SB shotguns, would it be legal to load the mini shells into a regular shotgun if the shotgun could hold more than ten of them?

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