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Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
CA assault weapons laws for shotguns are different than those for rifles and handguns.
What may be legal for one, may not be legal for another.

Not having a pistol grip does nothing to change the classification of a semi-auto shotgun that does not have a fixed magazine.

If the VEPR-12 has the factory magazine release or has a "bullet button" style magazine lock, then it's considered an assault weapon in CA. [PC 30515(a)(7)]

If you legally acquired your VEPR-12/Saiga-12 before 2017, then you have the following options:

A. Registered Assault Weapon.
You register it as an assault weapon before 07-01-2018.

B. Semi-auto shotgun with a fixed magazine.
Install a fixed magazine to the shotgun.
This can be done using a device that will prevent the magazine from being removed unless the firearm's action is disassembled or by permanently attaching (weld/epoxy/rivet) a magazine into the firearm's magazine well.

C. Manually operated shotgun.
Remove the gas-piston and plug the gas block.
This will make it into a manually operated (straight pull bolt-action) shotgun.

D. Disassembled parts.
Disassemble the firearm into parts and never assembled them while in CA.
It is prudent to store/transport the parts in seperate containers/locations.
can you ppt a vepr12 if the magazine is fixed?
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