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I know of a shop that always have 22lr. They must have 30+ box of Federal red box, 500 solid nonplated 40gr bullet. It was about $23 when the panic started. A week later it was $25, and then $28. It must be about $30 now. Funny thing is, they still have some left even right now. It seem like nobody want to buy them at that price, yet, having nothing to shoot. I got a couple boxes, but then I think I have enough to sit tight and ride out the shortage. In the last shortage of 2008, I bought all the minimag I could find, and afford. Still got them now. All I used was Walmart cheap stuff and they work almost perferctly. I see no point in using minimag which cost almost twice as much. That's the lesson I leanred. Once in a while, just buy a box of 22 at walmart and stack them up, and forget about them. Stock 22 if you can't affort anything else.
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