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Originally Posted by russt View Post
10/22... IMO the best 22 ever made. You will never regret owning one.
Heard that before. That makes me happy to wait.

Originally Posted by msand951 View Post
I just scored a 10/22 at bass pro on Monday. By pure luck , it wasnt displayed I just ask the guy if they had any expected to hear the usual ,"nope sold out dont know when were getting any ", instead he walked toward the 22s checked underneath the display rack and bam there was one with my name on it. They told me if you have and they have one they will write your name on it and put it aside but you have to purchase it that day.
If you don't mind me asking, what version and cost? I was thinking of getting the Takedown for easier storage/transport but Big 5 is asking $380. The Woodstock version is $280 so the price is pulling me in that direction.
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